What we do 

Acouwood AB provides building acoustic services for wood and light weight buildings and for the furniture industry, primarily . We are active in research and develop engineering methods to predict sound insulation in lightweight buildings and in addition, we provide design services, measurements and evaluation of the buidlings in any stage. Acouwood AB is active in the standardization, both for building acoustics and for indoor acoustics. Hence, our services are based on the latest knowledge and it is important that we can give advice to our clients based on the most recent knowledge.

Our services

Wood building acoustic services 

Design of wood buildings, prediction of their performance and measurements 

Furniture - acoustic facts

Developing acoustic furniture and providing acoustic characteristics through acousticfacts.com 

Standardization - ISO / CEN / SIS 

Development of standards within building acoustics and furniture.

 Research and development

Acouwood AB is developing acoustics in international consortium like AkuLite, AcuWood and Silent Timber Build. We supply SEAWOOD software in Nordics and Baltics (www.interac.fr)

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